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xbox 360 replacement console problem?


since getting my 360 replaced I need to re download all the maps for vegas and recon 2 everytime I play it. Is there any way round this?

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  1. Delete all content and profiles from your hard drive.

    Recover your gamertag and start again. If it still fails then you need to return it (again).

  2. The problem is you got a refurbished Xbox back and the console serial number doesn’t match the same serial number as the one you used to first download the content. The only way you can use the content you downloaded is to be connected to Xbox live and using the same profile that purchased it to begin with. (Other profiles will not have access to it) The only real way to fix it is to purchase it again, which is obviously not a good option. (If it is free content, then you will have to re-download it using another profile to set it to your console.) The reason you never had an issue with it before is because you were always connected to Xbox live. Since you couldn’t connect during the maintenance period, now you can’t use it. Many many people with repaired xboxs are going to realize this now.

    What you do now, is call 1-800-4MY-XBOX, and explain that since you got the repaired XBOX back you cannot use your downloaded items. They’ll give some story about having to be connected, then you complain that the content you purchased was mainly for other profiles on your XBOX. At this point they should offer to refund your Microsoft points you spent. (for TV shows AND game downloads, just not rented movies) If they don’t, demand that they do because that’s what you paid for.

    I got back over 14,000 microsoft points that way. (I used to download full series of TV shows. They wouldn’t play anymore except for my profile, and only when I was online.) It may take like 2-4 weeks to get the codes Emailed to you but it’s worth it. Did I spend the points on what I purchased before? Of course not. But at least I got my money back, so to speak.

    Make sure you have another profile on your xbox for them to give you back your points. You have to re-download under the new profile, but all downloads are once again set ‘to that console’ so anyone can use them. Best of luck to you.

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