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xbox 360 red rings help?


okay so a few months back i got the red rings on my xbox for a second time, but like last time i wait way too long to fix it. Last time they fixed it for free, even thought i do not have a warranty, but this time.they want me to pay almost 150 dollars to get it repaired cause all of a sudden i need this warranty, i was told by them last time that red rings are repaired for free, so either they are ripping me off, or this warranty is a big deal for them. so i thought about it, and explained to my parents and they suggest i just buy a whole new system, so what do you think i should do, just cough up that 150 dollars on a credit card, or just go out and buy a new xbox at its cheapest retail price, cause ill still use the same hard-drive from my last system for my memory files

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  1. it depends are you going to use your xbox for more than 4 hours eachtime you use it. if yes you shouldnt get an arcade. pro is the way to go. and keep the hd you get from the new one for an extra

  2. If it is one of the older 360’s (when they first came out) It could possibly be dead. I have heard the term :red ring of death” before, which means your X Box is not going to come back to life. Hate to be the barer of bad news. However, I would still take it to a repair man before spending all that cash on a new one. Sorry to hear that and good luck!

  3. I’ve killed 15 xbox’s since the release and many have been repaired for free. I now use two one is an emergency use box the other is in use most of the time.

    In short if your strapped for cash send it for repair, if not do both get a new one and send the other for repair. A spare xbox is a handy thing indeed (especially if your a massive gamer like me and spend 50-60+ a week playing). I’d also suggest that if you do repair it then make sure it works when you get it back and check that the power box’s are the same because they changed the voltage slightly for newer models.

    Within 2-4 years or so i’d be expecting another new xbox on the scene which i’m saving for now.

  4. Don’t put up with their BS, Complain until they send you a new one, if the new console you received is less than 3 years old you should complain saying that when you received that new console they should have renewed you 3 year warranty, If you give up they will never change their policies. If worst comes to worst buy an arcade 50$ more than a repair, plus u get a new jasper MOBO, new controller, new cables and a memory unit.

  5. that is hard the red ring of death is really commen. xbox had a very high failure rate. officaly it is like 50% but some people clam that it is more like 75%. i say ditch it or buy the elite or arcade versions i think those two are immune to the red ring of death

  6. The failure rate for XBox 360s is over 50% meaning half of them break within a few years, usually by some kind of the red rings of death. Get a PS3 if you can’t afford to keep buying Xbox’s.

  7. Instead of sending it in for repairs just do this here

    *How to fix the Xbox 360 RRoD (Red Ring of Death)*

    1. Turn off your Xbox 360

    2. Take out the disc

    3. Clean disc (optional)

    4. Unplug everything in the back (power chord, audio, video chords)

    5. Let sit unplugged for about 15-30 seconds

    6. Plug it all back up

    7. Power on the console with a game, movie, or music disc inside of the Xbox 360 Console

    8. PLAY! HAVE FUN!


    1 Ring- Hard Drive Failure and/or troubles

    2 Rings- Overheating

    3- Rings- The RRoD (The Red Ring of Death)


  8. buy an arcade than put yor hard drive in it. you can sell the other xbox for parts like the fan and the disc tray on ebay. keep your new console near a fan so it wont overheat and enjoy.

  9. I think just buy a new arcade version. The system might “red ring” again. than those 150 would have been a waste.

  10. try calling again and getting a diffrent person cause all you need is your serial number ive sent mine in a few times you probably just gotsome butthole on the phone who wanted a quick buck

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