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Xbox 360 question?


I want to get an xbox 360 but people are telling me that they are bad and get an ps3 but I dont want one. what shall I choose? And also If I get the 360 and I get xbox live what do you think of the username tHeVidEoGamEasSaSSiN?


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  1. I’ve had mine for over 2 years with no problems [knock on wood] My buddy bought one over ebay and has had nothing but problems. When they work they are awesome and right now have a better selection of games.

    M$ is very aware that their 360 has a very high failure rate, which is why they extended the warrenty to 3 years.

    If you do get one I would buy from a store that will exchange it out with no questions. like Costco, or I think Gamestop does if you buy their extended. Not sure how they would work it now due to the extension from M$.

    New machines “should” not fail. I stress “should”

    Xbox Live is well worth the $50 a year! Demo downloads video, etc. Plus a well maintained system.

    I am a little biased because I own one but this is an Xbox board is it not? I hope to eventually own a PS3 for the blu ray and a few exclusive games but for now I am very happy with my 360.

    Not a bad username for a long one 🙂 Personally I would make it shorter.

  2. dude get the PS3. its way better than the 360. you save money in the long run cuz the wireless adapter is built in. the 360 adapter is $100. the charge cable is $20 bucks for it and free in the PS3. online gaming is free also. 360=$50 a year. plus the PS3 has better graphics and it has blu ray. 360 systems break all the time.

  3. Get what you want. What you want will be the console that plays the games you want to play. If you want to play Halo3, get a 360. If you want to play Resistance:Fall Of Man, get a PS3. Games like Madden or Oblivion are available on both, so it won’t matter which console you choose really.

    The newer 360s have been improved to address the overheating problems that the older models had. Even so, Microsoft still gives you a full 3 year warranty.

    As for your gamertag, iT’StOolOnGAndHaRdToREaD. Try something shorter, or use spaces.

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