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Xbox 360 Live NAT Question?


okay, my Xbox Live Connection NAT is ‘moderate’. i want to change this to open so i can play with my ‘strict’ friends. if i change this to open, will there be anything bad about changing it to open? how will this effect my computer? internet? security?
my UPnP is enabled, but its on moderate still

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  1. If you want to open your NAT settings, go to http://www.portforward.com. Click on the Guide button on the top, then go to port forwarding guide by router, find your router, then at at bottom find and click on the Xbox Live 360 and it should tell you how to open your NAT there.

  2. Well my friend has strict and you can’t recieve game invites.

    He wants to know how to get it off strict. plz e-mail me


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