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xbox 360 flashing red light red ring of death, return xbox?


My xbox currently has the 3 flashing red lights on it. Is it possible that I can just return it to the store at which I bought it (Gamestop)? Or will they not accept it and which case I will need to send it to Microsoft?

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  1. gamestop is pretty bad about warranty issues. to be honest so is microsoft. i got my xbox replaced by microsoft three times due to the notorious “ring of death” before i found a solution.

    but before that, id reccomend at least trying to get gamestop to replace it. you never know.

    what will REALLY and totally fix your xbox though, is a method i found after, again, microsoft had replaced my third xbox. lame huh?

    theres a website that can show you how to fix your xbox cheaply, with items found at home, and have it back up and running in less than two hours. i dont know about you, but that sounds much better than 6 to 8 weeks to me :]

    the best thing about it though, is that its guarenteed to never break again. so what do you want. a refurbished xbox microsoft can pack off and ship to you a month from now? or do you want to be back playing halo in 2 hours tops, and never have to worry about your 500 dollar machine breaking again.

    go here: http://www.fix-my-360.com it works, its guarenteed, its easy, a monkey could do it.

    good luck man

  2. well if you bought a warranty through gamestop, to which I believe they no longer do, they may give you one. I believe gamestop will instruct you to call microsoft and send it in. ask for a refurb, cause they have the new heat sinks and fan.

  3. Nahh they wont accept it

    but because of Ring of Death, send it off to Microsoft and theylle fix it for free (only if its the Ring of Death)

    Have fun, and best to call them up first.

  4. I believe you have to send it to Microsoft, because game stores don’t really have to do anything for you, because the errors with the gaming system aren’t really their problem, it’s the company’s.

    So I think you have to contact Microsoft, but I’m not 100% sure.

  5. You don’t have to send it to MS or use a repairman.

    [url is not allowed]

    They make guides on the internet that show you how to fix it yourself instead of wasting on some a warranty thing or a repairman.

  6. Hi Woozie,

    If you still have the receipt and you have only bought it recently and get your money back, they have to accept it as the machine is faulty as long as you have your receipt there is not much they can do or maybe you could swap it in store for another one.

    Or you could send it back to Microsoft and they will fix this problem for free, do bear in mind though not to put a downer on it but I know people that are on their 6th Xbox 360 since sending it back.

    This is because they will give you a “refurbished” one.

    I Hope this helps and you get it sorted!

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