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Xbox 360 at repair center?


Ok my 360 has been at the repair center for about 2 weeks and i went online to check my repair status and i had a totally different serial number.So i got off and got back on the site and it had my original number.I clicked on it and it said i have no pending repair.Once again i got off and went back on and it had another serial number.Can u please explain what’s going on?

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  1. There is something screwy going on with the Xbox website. Nothing that you can take care of, but I would call them and tell them the problem.


    Once you get there follow the options and tell them what was wrong with your Xbox. Eventually the automated voice will connect you with a real person and just tell them what happened.

  2. The same thing happened to me. My serial changed twice. At the moment my serial number is different, and the customer support people say that someone else has my original serial number. When I called, the automated system said that my repair was complete and shipped. I can’t be sure if their is correct though, because Microsoft’s database appears to be going haywire.

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