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Will an Xbox 360 Slim hard drive fit into an original Xbox 360?


I have an original Xbox 360 from near launch and after four years, my 20GB hard drive has finally filled up.

Now having a look online, I’ve noticed the 250GB hard drive for the 360 Slim is considerably cheaper than the 250 GB hard drive for the original 360.

Is it possible for me to buy a 360 S hard drive and put it in my original 360? Will it be physically secure? Will it work at all?

Additionally, my Xbox is positioned on its side, if that helps anyone.

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  2. You should just get an external hard drive and put your stuff on there to clean up the space. Or buy a used xbox hard drive. the slim drive will not fit in the old xbox.

  3. No it wont go into place as the original 360 as the Hard Drive for the slim is considerably smaller and thinner and fits inside the console. your best of using an External Hard Drive or purchasing the old 250 GB Hard Drive for the Old Xbox360’s(white consoles)

  4. its possible but not easy, basically what you have to do is take the 250gb hdd out of the slim casing and replace your old 20gb with it, the hdd inside are the same just the outside casing is different, if you need help pm me.

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