Home Playstation Forum Why won’t my t.v. play my ps3 in 1080p or 1080i?

Why won’t my t.v. play my ps3 in 1080p or 1080i?


My t.v. only plays certain games such as assassin’s creed 2.5 in 1080p, but it won’t play battlefield bad company 2 or fifa 10 in 1080p, but when i used my other t.v. previously it played both of those in 1080i. My brothers xbox360 plays the games in 1080 too. It’s an insignia t.v.

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  1. Is your tv true 1080p hd! It would help to know the model number of your tv!

    The TV will stetch the image to 1080i but the best resolution for sport and sports games as recommended on the back of the box is 720p for on the PS3. The game doesn’t say it displays in 1080i or 1080p.

  2. The native resolution for most games is 720p. Some can stretch to 1080p or 1080i, but very few are made natively in 1080.

    As long as your PS3 is set to automatically select its resolution it will automatically select the best resolution for whatever you are viewing. That means the while the main XMB menu may display in 1080p, it will switch to 720p or whatever else depending on the resolution of your TV. I would suggest leaving it to automatic, but you can “force” it to display however you want. Just go to the Settings section of the XMB and find the display settings to take it off automatic and select the resolution you prefer.

    automatic will generally look the best. Forcing 720 to 1080 is not that different than pushing standard definition into a HD display. The quality wont look as good or crisp, and the 720p will look better than a forced 1080

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