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Why isn’t Internet working on my brand new PS3?


I’ve got an Ethernet cable that did just fine with my Xbox Live. I also have Wifi. I switched to PS3. My wifi appears as a 98% connection on PS3. I’ve tried connecting to both wifi and Ethernet, but each time the “IP address could not be obtained.” I don’t really know anything about tech stuff, but I figured I should have no problems since Xbox was so easy. I need suggestions on what could be fixed or arranged.

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  1. okay well the guy above me is very wrong. ps3 is a gaming system and to preform the way you want it to online you will have to take some steps to get the ip to work. since it is being connected to the internet you need to open the routers ports for the ps3’s ip address. you can find the ps3’s ip address under system settings all the way at the bottom and under system info. once you have it you will need to access your routers setting page. which has to be done on a computer. this isnt a ps3 problem this is a router problem that is blocking the ps3 because it is thinking it is either a hijacker or it is someone trying to steal your internet. you can find tons of guides on the internet and DIY on youtube. goodluck!

  2. you just neeed to reboot your router to refresh the ip address , that’s common knowledge to fix that problem

    unplug the router for a minute and plug it in , let it reboot and connect the ps3

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