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Why does Xbox 360 keep asking for security?


Every time I sign in it asks me to set up back up security. but i’ve already set up a back email address, and a 4 digit code that I have on a sticky note. But it keeps just asking for more. How do I get it to shut up?

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  1. It happens to me like every time I sign in but when I enter it it says there was an error and then will sign me out, but to shut it up for a bit When you sign in and it pops up press b without putting anything in and it will take you to the home menu and then sign in from that menu from pressing the middle xbox button and it should stop but if it continues to keep on doing that just keep on doing it until it stops and then it should stop for about the next 10 to 20 sign ins or atleast it did for me.

    Hope I could help

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