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Why does my XBox 360 have the E74 error?


Okay, so I finally decided to cave in and buy an XBox 360. I’m not much of a gamer at all, but I really like Rock Band and Grand Theft Auto, and a friend’s cousin offered to sell me his entire XBox setup for $100. I know with all the controllers and games it came with, he could have gotten at least $300 for it, but he is pretty well off and no longer uses it.

I’ve read a lot about how these consoles are plagued with massive amounts of problems, and I was always hesitant to consider getting one for that reason. I’m a Mac user, so I’m not really a fan of Microsoft. Anyway, I cave and buy this XBox. The first day I had it, I was playing Grand Theft Auto IV, and stupid me decided the XBox would fit better if it weren’t standing up, but laying down. So, pausing the game, I reposition the console and it absolutely destroys the disc inside. Alright, I guess that’s kind of my fault, because researching it, it does say you shouldn’t move the console with the disc in. Whatever.

So then, last night, instead of spending an hour burning a DVD disc, I decide to copy the AVI file to a DVD and play it on the 360. Well, I pop the disc in, go to play, and it says it requires an update to play an AVI file. The problem is, I didn’t bother having it hooked up to the internet, because it didn’t come with a wireless adapter, and where my wireless router is to the XBox is too far for me to run an ethernet cable. So, to get the update, I decided to temporarily put the XBox closer to the router to run a cable to it, to download the update quick, then put it back where it was. So, I disconnect the console, plug it in to the TV in the kitchen, plug the ethernet cable in, turn it on, and now it complains about an E74 error, and to contact Microsoft. I swear I did nothing more than unplug this unit and plug it back in, and now it complains about that. Why would it do that? I’ll send it in to Microsoft since it’s less than a year old, but to be honest, it REALLY annoys me that this would happen completely out of nowhere. This is the whole reason I switched to Mac, because Microsoft products can never just work. Can someone please help me?

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  2. well if you just bought it, the warranty should still be good and send it in and get it fixed for FREE

    and also, please dont start a flame war between mac and Windows (its not called pc, its called windows)

  3. the e74 error well if there are red rings around that button that you push when you turn it on then you have a problem. if there is those red rings then you have the red rings of death. A couple 100 or 1000 xbox were made with a virus and that happens and i think that is the e74 error. So if it is that then you have to send it in to get fixed. So it is good if you still have a warrenty on that xbox so when you send it in the warrenty will cover the cost to get fixed but if the warrenty ran out then you probablly will have to pay some cash.

    i am sorry if you dont have what i said cause then i dont know what it is.Hope it is nothing bad.

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