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why does my PS3 controller cut out as soon as i start a PS2 game and the system is backwards compatable?


I have a wired PS3 controller and a wireless Mad Catz PS3 controller and with every game i put into my system as soon as it loads the controller turns off and i cant do anything but restart my system to get out of the game. Every other aspect of the system works except when it comes to PS2 games and the system is backwards compatible. Im looking for possible solutions before i send it back for a refund from the online store i bought it from

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  1. idk, but its not just ur ps3 controller, thats the way the ps3 works.you can just turn on the ps3 controller and go on playing your game.what? does the Mad Catz controller not have a playstation button to turn it on? i would think it would have one,

  2. a wired ps3 controller and a mad catz wireless? maybe an actual bluetooth ps3 controller will work properly , you aren’t guaranteed that cheap 3rd party controllers will work right with every ps3 or ps2 game because there isn’t any firmware patches to enable functionality of them , there are patches for Sony controllers only. do yourself a favor and stop trying to cheap out on crap controllers , get a dual-shock 3 and update your ps3 firmware if you haven’t , those cheap controllers aren’t ps2 compatible.

  3. Even if you use an official PS3 dual shock 3 controller, it switches it’s self off when you load a PS2 game, but all you have to do, is press the PS button, and it switches back on again, and you can play a PS2 game normally.

    Your third party controllers, may not have this facility, perhaps they don’t have a PS button for instance, or just can’t handle that switch over.

    The official controllers are expensive, but frankly, compared to all the fake ones, they are worth paying for:)

  4. It’s something to do with how the PS3 handles PS2 backwards compatibility. Pressing the PS button when the PS2 game loads should solve the problem. It’s the same when you quit a PS2 game. Just press the PS again.

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