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Why do the call xbox 360 a ‘video game entertainment system’ and a PS3 a ‘computer entertainment system’


Well, I was just looking at the new official Grand Theft Auto 4 website, and I notice they call the Xbox 360 a video game entertainment system, and the PS3 a computer entertainment system.

I mean, I already knew the PS3 is 10 times better then the xbox 360, but why do they call them that?


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  1. More than anything, I believe that Microsoft and Sony respectively, market their consoles in a different manner. Sony wants the PS3 to be the center of one’s entertainment world which is why they included the blu-ray dvd drive and web browser. Sony wants the PS3 to be an all-in-one entertainment piece. Thus you can watch blu ray movies, play games and surf the web.

    Microsoft wants their machine viewed strictly as a gaming console thus it’s referred to as a video game entertainment system.

  2. because.

    1. the ps3 has multiple computer like functions like it can surf the net.

    2. its not just a video game system but also a fairly good blu-ray player.

    3. its more like a computer than a mere video game console.

    to sum it all up its just way more than just a gaming console unlike the 360.

    i mean it has firmware updates that can better the quality of the system, you can watch videos, play music, log onto folding at home, download games, put in themes, view pictures and much more. so as you can see my friend. not just an ordinary gaming console. but a computer in its own right.

    hope this helped you out!:D

    don’t forget to pick a best answer!

  3. Because the ps3 is literally a computer and the xbox 360 isn’t anything close to a computer.

  4. As far as I know, Sony has always used the term “Computer Entertainment Console” to describe all of their consoles.

    Also, Sony in the U.S. is called SCEA ( Sony Computer Entertainment of America) and the name for the PS3 ( Computer Entertianment Console) comes from SCEA.

    I had never thought of this before until now, good question.

  5. Sony started using “Computer Entertainment System” with the PS2, as a way of making it seem more powerful than the other consoles. It’s purely a marketting gimmick.

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