Home Playstation Forum Why do my laptop and ps3 not wanna connect to the internet?

Why do my laptop and ps3 not wanna connect to the internet?


well, they do connect, and they always disconnect and don’t work for ages, and work for around 10 minutes then its off
my ps3 the same, works for a little, then it turns off for ages, comes back on a few days later, play 20 minutes, off for a couple more days. my moms laptop, my sisters laptop, all work perfectly, and its fast for them, always working, but for my laptop and ps3, it doesnt work all day, except for the odd 30 minutes or so.

settings are fine, and i even took my laptop and ps3 to my friends house, hooked it up there, worked instantly and perfectly for around 3 days!

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  1. If you are using wireless internet I suggest plugging an ethernet cable from your pc/ps3 directly into your modem and that should drastically improve stability.

    You could try simply turning your modem off for a short period of time and turning it back on to see if that improves performance.

    Make sure your PS3 and laptop are close to the wireless network.

    If all else fails replace your current modem/router with a better quality and functioning wireless internet solution.

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