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Which one should I buy?


I own a ps3 and my six axis controller has been acting up. As in the left anolog stick doesnt function properly. It affects my gameplay in all my games in a way.

So I decided that I should buy the Dualshock 3 controller. However im very limited on cash right now. Im also looking to buy MGS4 which comes out soon.

So what im asking is, which should I buy?

MGS4 with a messed up Six Axis(no rumble)

or the Dual Shock 3 (with no mgs4)

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  1. 100% buy the controller and then buy MGS whe you have the money its better that playing it and getting frustrated because he doesnt walk where you want him to

  2. what about selling the normal SIXAXIS for like $3o then u could get MGS4 and dualshock3 with only $30 diffrence, i hope i helped u, if u anything else plz contact me, have a nice day and i wish get them both

  3. buy msg 4 it really good and it has good graphics and online play is really awesome play it then start saving money to buya dualshock 3

  4. if u can still play games relatively well with ur current sixasis, get MGS4, if games are unplayable then get a new dual shock 3

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