Home Xbox Forum Where can i get my xbox laser cleaned?

Where can i get my xbox laser cleaned?


I and my dad tried but we cant get this one part open. So we went to gamestop and they recommend best buy. They dont do it. They recommended mailing it to microsoft. (no microsoft stores where i live). But that will take a while. So where could i take it thats a pretty popular store

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  1. you actually don’t have to go to a store to get the lens cleaned. all you need to do is go to target or bestbuy or radio shack and buy a lens cleaning cd. It’s a cd with little bristles on the back that wipe off any dust from the lens. this cd will cost about 10 bucks. I use it to clean my Xbox and other consoles. Or you can always get a can of compressed air from target or bestbuy and use that instead.

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