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When is the Xbox 720 coming out? and is the picture of the weird sphere on the internet an actual picture?


See the weird sphere I am doubtful about halfway through this youtube clip:

[url is not allowed]

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  1. Considering that the “PS 4” controller was the SCRAPPED PS3 Controller it makes the rest kind of hard to believe is the “design”. There will be a new system from Microsoft, and yeah it won’t take too long. As to the naming the current one the 360 the idea is it was full circle. 360 DEGREES is a circle, so why would you call the next one a 720? I don’t think that is the real name.

  2. The xbox 720 is true and it is coming out in the next 2 years, i know because a dude from the art institute of video game design said that they have graduated people that have worked with bungie and being the largest video game design school they said that it is no rumor and they were already making a new halo for the upcoming console.

  3. If Microsoft names the Next Xbox “Xbox 720” they can go to hell

    360 x 2, that’s very original. Does anyone even know why they named it 360 in the first place.?

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