Home Playstation Forum When EXACTLY will Sony’s Dualshock 3 controller be released in the UK?

When EXACTLY will Sony’s Dualshock 3 controller be released in the UK?


Yes, I know I can get it imported but I don’t want to. Is there a specific date for its release?


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  1. Its likely to be launched at the end of May.

    Sony hasn’t given a specific release date for Europe/UK.

  2. There is no european release date right now.

    However, on Amazon they have got some in the UK from importers etc. These will work fine but are a little high in price.

    Im guessing it will be released end of may and early june because the metal gear ps3 bundles etc will be coming out around the same time.

  3. Dual shock 3 was supposed to be released with GT5 prologue, but now it doubt it will be released until gt5 full

  4. Wow.

    Australia usually gets everything last, but the DS3 has been here for about 1 month.

    I am surprised it is not out in UK.

    Maybe they forgot about you, why dont you call them and ask?

  5. Let me look into my crystal ball. the mists of time a swirling, I see. I see. I see someone telling me they don’t know.

  6. There is no UK/EURO date. Austarlia and japan have it though. But they sold out anyway so you have no chance to import it anyway. I won’t be buying one as don’t really see the point.

  7. dude.i got one months ago on ebay from a uk seller, they had 10 listed for 24 hrs and i managed to get one before the listing was removed probally by sony getting on to ebay.

    But the point of this is it is a massive improvement, and actually made it woth while completing prologue. Cant understand for the life of me though why it takes sony so long to get it in the UK.still feel they dont give a hoot about UK consumers.

  8. dude get 1 from cd-wow not some ebay skank there £36.99 free delivery.cus you know us in europe get their pants pulled down with games,accessories,release dates,and price!

  9. i think its coming out with MGS4, they’re making a bundle

    80gb ps3 (yes its coming back) MGS4 and dualshock 3.

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