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whats the best games for PS3?



  1. resistance fall of man, motorstorm, i like call of duty, and splinter cell is a good game too. there are also some good upcoming games such as rainbow six vegas, lair, warhawk, and of course you cant forget home, a virtual life game, that will come out this november which is not too long from now. the best part about home is that its free.

  2. right now the best game its to hard to say but the best three games are fall of man ,motorstorm and, elder scrolls 4 just pick one of them cause u got a shooter a racer and a rpg whatever u prefer

  3. Right now, the best game, is. Resistance Fall of man, but soon im guessing it will be heavenly sword and lair, check out all these games coming out soon ONLY for playstation 3 [url is not allowed].

  4. Unfortuantly the truth is, Resistance Fall of Man is the best game out for the PS3 atm. But like someone else mentioned Gears of War is a far better game. Its trully tragic that so far there just havent been any really great games writen for the PS3. I walked around the video store for an hour the other day looking for a game to rent and ended up just coming home and playing Fall of Man with some friends.

  5. Resistance: Fall of Man in somewhat. But Gears of War on the Xbox 360 is better. So PS3 doesn’t really have a game that distinguishes itself.

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