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What’s beter xbox 360 or ps3?


I what to play onilen I don’t care of I haafe to pay and I what chep cost

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  1. The age old question that will start a thousand internet wars.
    The Xbox is cheaper, has more games, and DLC that comes out a month earlier in a lot of cases.

    but the PS3 has better graphics on its exclusives, a Blu Ray player, and you don’t have to pay to play online

    really it can all come down to which exclusives you prefer, Gears of War is a great series, along with Halo, and others like Alan Wake etc,

    but the PS3 has Little Big Planet and Gran Turismo etc

    and also which console your friends have

  2. Xbox may have more game titles but I prefer ps3. My xbox went down just after the 1 year warranty ran out and microsoft still hasn’t fixed the issues with it. I’ve had 0 issues with ps3. I think ps3 graphics are better + it has a blue ray player.

  3. XBOX’s failer rate is high and PS3′ online cost is free.

    Buy a PS3.No doubt XBOX has some good titles that are not on the ps3 like gears of war, left 4 dead , halo and loads more.And even XBOX has a better CONTROLLER than a PS3 has.

    But PS3 have more exclusive titles that are amazing.The PS3 has better games and their exclusives blow any xbox exclusives out of the water. PS3 has Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, inFamous, God of War 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4. The PlayStation network is free compared to a fee of Xbox Live.

    PS3 is the best system out right now and it’s a Sony product, what more do you need to know? Better quality, better games, better graphics, lasts longer, free online play and it’s a blu-ray player.

    PS3 realy rules:)

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  4. i only have ps3, so i would say that ps3 is better. but i know people who have a 360 and it seems pretty awesome.

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