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What type of lead do I need to buy to connect my PS3 to my Philips hd television to make it HD?


The television has a DVI-I socket and the PS3 has a HDMI socket so an ordinary HDMI cable doesn’t work with my television? After i get this lead (if it exists) what do i do to make it HD?

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  1. You need to purchase a HDMI to DVI cable (these certainly exist), and then set up the video options on the PS3 so that it’s outputting whatever HD format your TV supports (either 720p, 1080i, or better still 1080p).

    Note that this will only work if your TV supports the HDCP standard. Some older HDTVs support HD resolutions, but they don’t support HDCP, so they aren’t “true” HDTVs.

  2. You need to buy a HDMI to DVI adaptor. You can try amazon or local electrical stores.

    Hook up your PS3 to your TV using the converter, at this point you should only hear the sound. What you also need need to do is connect the RGB cable (as the PS3’s default setting is standard definition) that comes with the PS3 to your TV (this will give you picture). Once you have picture, change your video settings to HD and remove the RGB cable.

    Once you go from SD to HD, you may not know if the change has worked, but once you remove the RGB cables and you have picture, you know it has worked.

    If you screw up and you still don’t get picture with HD and connecting the RBG cables doesn’t bring the picture back, reset the video settings. With the PS3 on standby (red light on front), press and hold the power button until you see the picture. This restores the settings to SD (through the RGB cables) and you can try again.

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