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What ps3 games do people play online?


Just curious. Thought about getting MW2 because it’s cheap, maybe battlefield 3. Gta4 is cheap. Just some fun games that people still play or games that are popular online

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  1. Any of the last 2 Call of duty’s and last 2 Battlefields as well as FIFA 14,NBA 2K14 and WWE 14. I personally think you should get GTA 5 on boxing day because it will be on sale and lots of people will be playing it till the next GTA in like 4 years and nobody on PS4 can play GTA cause they didn’t make one for PS4.

  2. There are some people still playn mw2 online, Atleast last time i checkd. Battlefield 3 for sure. Don't know how long they leave the servers up but Im sure ull find some online play with those games.and if they don't, those r still fun games.

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