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What is xbox live rep?


Im looking on my xbox live profile and reputation stats. It says 90% avoided me and 10% either preffered me or didnt submit anything at all. Does that mean that 90% of the people I’ve played with actually took time to avoid me? haha 61% unsporting 8% trash talk, 5% language and 2% aggresive. But even then thats only 76%. And what does rep mean anyways? Also, By the rep thing by my picture it says I have 5 stars. What does THAT mean?

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  1. 90 percent of the people who actually bothered to give you a player review found you offensive in some way. You may not want to be such a bad sport. As for the stars, I really doube that they’ve ever worked, as I haven’t ever seen somebody below 3 stars (the starting rep).

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