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What do you think of the PS3.?


1. Online

2. Games

3. How reliable it is

4. How it looks

5. Controls

6. How comfortable is the controller

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  1. actually i have one it is very interesting video games where u can play online and one of the best games to play is tennis.

  2. Let me just say one thing. PS3 might have the graphics and free online, but xbox 360 is where its at.

    The xbox is a lot more fun and the xbox live is way better. Its more like a community and its way more fun. Being able to pwn noobs and hang with friends


  3. 1) Online – The online game play is nice and I like that fact that it’s free. It’s easy to setup and join in multiplayer games online.

    2) Games- The games are pretty good. There are a lot of great multiplatform games available, but more importantly there are great exclusives like Heavy Rain, the Uncharted series, the Killzone series, etc. All great games.

    3) Reliablitiy – Now, many people critize the Xbox 360 for being faulty but all my friends who have PS3’s have had it broken in some way. And a friend of mine had a controller whose analog stick My PS3, on the other hand, hasn’t broken yet. But overall, as long as you have a warranty, you should be okay.

    4) Looks – I recently bought the Slim and I’d say it looks really nice. It’s thin and has a good overall look to it. It’s strange not seeing a glossy surface with these new Slim models, but it still looks good. I like it.

    5) Controls – the controls are good for games. There’s not much to say since the controls are pretty universal for most games. The Dual-Shock-3 controller is great with it’s vibration and I love the accelerometer inside that detects the movement of the controller and can be used in some games as a neat extra “button” to use.

    6) Controller Comfortability – the controller itself is very nice and feels good in your hands. The “new” Dual-Shock-3 ones are, at least. But those are the standard for PS3 and have been for a few years now. With the weight of the vibrator inside the controller it feels like a decent weight and you get a good grip on it. Overall, it really does feel great with your hands.

    So overall, I think the PS3 is a good system. Sure, some PS3 systems are faulty and break, but all consoles break. Nothing’s perfect. I’d recommend it, and so would most my friends.

  4. 1.Online is GREAT. The people ARE NOT little kids on Xbox Live. Mostley everyone is funny on PSN.

    2.Games are GREAT not that many but they are better then Xbox 360’s.

    3.Really reliable, you could rely on it more then your dog guarding your house when your out for the night.

    4.Looks are A+ You can get skins for it. Great.

    5.Controlls are easy and you can customize em’.

    6.It is VVVVERRRRYYY comfortable. Just don’t get the MW2 controller. It sucks

  5. The PS3 has free online and it is very reliable.

    The games are amazing. The power of the PS3 allows for the development of the most graphically amazing games on the market.

    It is very reliable. It never freezes and you can move the console while its on without destroying the disc.

    It looks amazing. Its very stylish and modern looking.

    The controller is very easy to use and its very lightweight. The controls are very simple and very easy to use.

  6. 1. It’s FREE, which is better than X-box

    2. The graphics are amazing

    3. It’s been known to crash

    4. It looks sleek and stylish

    5. The controls are easy

    6. The controller is comfortable, and is just like the PS2 controller

    But I have X-box, and i love it. It’s cheaper, and way more people play X-box Live than the PSN.

  7. The ps3 Is the best video gaming system on the market, it does everything you could ever imagine besides making you pancakes. You should definitely get one if you dont already have one you wont be sorry.

  8. 1. Online It’s free!

    2. Games Much of a muchness but the new game Heavy Rain is quite brilliant!

    3. How reliable it is, I have never had a problem unlike the ps2 seems more reliable!

    4. How it looks Don’t really care as it’s what’s under the bonnet that counts, don’t you think?

    5. Controls Good well thought out, foolproof

    6. How comfortable is the controller , If they changed the design of the controller there would be a riot. I love the playstation controller, it’s made for Man hands!

  9. Ps3 Pros:

    1) Quiet

    2) Motion sensitive controllers

    3) You can use any Bluetooth headset, keyboard, mouse, etc.

    4) Blu-ray

    5) Lack of flashing lights on front of machine!

    6) Built in wi-fi card

    7) HDMI included

    8) Free Online Community and Game Play

    9) Tech support speaks english and appears to be located in America, they understood my name and my question.

    10) Controllers come with built in rechargable battery and can be charged with any usb port.

    11) easy to navigate menus

    12) No ridiculous power brick, one cord, if you want to take your ps3 with you somewhere you only need the controller, the unit and the power cord.

    PlayStation 3

    [url is not allowed].

  10. 1. online is free, works 99% of the time afaik, psn store is handy for demo’s

    2. depends on what you like, but there is a broad range of games

    3. Haven’t had problems, know someone who did but I suspect improper use. Mine is placed horizontally with enough space around it for ventilation

    4. Prefer PS3 slim look, but doesn’t bother me, it feels like a quality piece of electronics.

    5. Controls? controller is the best out there imo, user interface is nice. You can hook up a usb keyboard as well, for internet browsing for example. It’s a nice media device as well, that can stream stuff from your laptop if you have a (w)lan. Or from a usb stick.

    6. Very. Feels solid and familiar – battery life is fine and can be charged while playing.

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