Home Xbox Forum what are the cons of an xbox?

what are the cons of an xbox?


what are the cons of an xbox 🙂
xbox 360 i mean

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  1. getting old fast.newer stuff is coming out.maybe try getting a Xbox 360.those are much better 😀

  2. they are old and don’t have nearly as good of games as the xbox 360, and other newer gaming systems.

    The 360 is SO much better.

  3. they are from like 2003 or something , right now xbox 360 is the *!!

    xbox live is great for online play, ps3 also has great online play.

    xbox cons:


    has trouble reading discs in old age

    motors to open disc tray break

    wires stop working

    no one has original xbox

    they don’t have any new games for xbox

    no plays live on original xbox

    xbox 360 wrecks xbox

    not as advanced as most new stuff

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