Home Playstation Forum Want to install game for free in my ps3?

Want to install game for free in my ps3?


when i click on play station store a masseg pop up of new update version if i downlode that version than ther is risk on the crack of ps3 so what should i do

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  1. Download the update. It’s mandatory. Nothing will happen to the system except good things. Updates are meant to make the system better overall, so just download the update and everything will be normal. And the only free game in the Store is DC Universe.

    Hope that helps.

  2. You have no choice, you must download it, don’t worry about it, Its actually anti Crack. LOL.

    The free games I have seen so far (without being a PS PLUS member) are DC universe online, Back to the Future Episode 1 and The Mysteries of Little Riddle Episode 1 (All of them have trophy support )

    Get PS PLUS if you don’t like spending money on your games. You may never actually buy another $60 game again.

  3. ok well first of all, go back to first grade and learn english. then come back and ask this again when we understand what the hell you are asking.

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