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Using xbox for Netflix?


When using the Xbox to stream movies from Netflix, will I only be able to see the movies that are “available online” or can I see any movie netflix has in their database? Will they stream over the computer or will I have to arrange for them to be sent to me?

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  1. You’ll only be able to see their online selection that is “watch instantly”. Their are about 10,000 movies and tv shows. You will just have to add them to your watch instantly queue. Look for a blue play button under a movie title rather than the red add button.

    Also, you will need a gold account on live to use Netflix. It will not stream over the computer like if it was a media server. It’ll work independently with just your xbox being connected to the internet. And the first time you get on, you’ll need to activate the xbox for netflix on the netflix site.

  2. 1st question: you can only view on your xbox what you have in your instant play que. so you will need to go online and add them to your instant que and then you can view them on your xbox.

    2nd question: yes you can stream them from your computer, but the xbox works better for it. it helps open up a more direct link because our xboxs internet connection isnt effected by whats going on on your computer.

    keep in mind you must be subscribed both to xbox live, and to netflix for this to all work.

    good luck with that!

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