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Thrillville not working for the Xbox 360?


Ok so yesterday my XBOX was having problems. when you put the CD in it made this huge sound but we moved the XBOX sideways and it got fixed and the game i had in there automatically started playing the first Thrillville for the original XBOX. Me and my dad played some games and stuff like that. So then the next day which is today we wanted to play the game again. But when i put the disc in it said reading and then open tray. If it worked yesterday how come it isn’t working today. Please help!

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  1. i’d try rinsing the disc off with water, then wiping it off with a towel (straight strokes from the middle of the disc to the edge) to get off the dirt and junk off of it. If that doesn’t work, i’d check with my local video rental store to see if they repair discs and try that, if it doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to buy it again, it shouldn’t be too expensive, and amazon.com probably has it

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