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The risks of using a JTagged Xbox 360 with Modern Warfare 2?


I’m planning on buying a secondary Xbox 360 with a JTag Modification, but I would like to get more information about risks of getting banned and wich types to buy.

Now, I already have a normal non-modded Xbox 360, but i’m planning to save up money for a JTagged one, then I could use the Xbox 360 I currently have as a backup. But, when playing on Modern Warfare 2 with JTag hacks (Wallhacks and Aimbots and such) and hosting 10th lobbies for free at times, is there any risks of getting my Xbox Live account banned? I know that if I use hacks online in almost every single game all the time, I will for sure get banned, but like if I mess around with the hacks in just 1/50 games for fun is there any major risks?

And also, wich types of JTags is good and are there any bad ones/types not working with MW2?

So wich deal do you think would be best to move on with (All theese are near where I live):

– Xbox 360 JTAG Jasper – HDMI – Brand New Including iXtreme LT – freeBOOT 9199 Dashboard – Costs: 537 USD

– Xbox 360 JTAG Modified – FreeBoot 0.32 – Dashboard – 9199 – Costs: 587 USD

– Xbox 360 (Arcade) JTAG – HDMI – FreeBoot 0.32 / Dashlaunch 1.0 – iXtreme LT 1.1 – Costs: 537 USD

– Xbox 360 Elite 120GB HDD – Modified with iXtreme LT – Brand New with a Guarantee – Costs: 335 USD

– Xbox 360 250GB HDD – Including Backups and Xbox Live – Modified with iXtreme LT

Now, my main questions is:

– What is iXtreme LT 1.1?

– What is a Jasper JTAG?

– Is there different types of JTAG’s? (That doesnt do the same thing)

– Wich deal was the best to go with (if any)?

– Is there a big risk of getting my Xbox 360 Banned?

Also, I do NOT want answers saying “Hacking is wrong, don’t do it you cheater!”.

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  1. well if you were just using the hacks in private matches it might be safe. if your seen going through a wall and someone doesnt like it you’ll be reported by them and if that happens you have about a 100% chance they’ll ban you if they see you hacking. i mean modding the xbox like this was origionally used just to steal games which im only ok with one person i know doing for certian reasons (like a 360 doesnt even work in where he is from and they wont offer support.) but i mean if you do hack (which im wonder why you would spend $500+ on buying a system to hack but oh well) you’ll really just start loosing intrest in the game anyway. and eventually theres the chance that they will fix having hacked xboxs for online at least.

  2. Okay Listen Up ill answer you questions

    Q:What is iXtreme LT 1.1,

    A:iXtreme is a software or sometimes a hardware which is the latest technology in stealth, which allows you xbox to remain hidden on xbox live

    Q: What is a Jasper JTAG?

    A: Jasper is a type of mother board used in the xbox, it isnt the jtag its self.

    Q: is their diffrent types of JTAG

    A: No, Apart from motherboard which can handle more processes

    Q: The Best deal?

    A: Would be the Jasper

    Q: Is their a big risk of getting my xbox 360 banned?

    A: From August 2010, Microsoft have released a new type of ban, a IP ban, Which will not allow that network to connect to Xbox live, thus any console you will buy will be obsolete to online play, also following the release of reach, Microsoft will release a new PunkBuster, This will render most stealth patches obsolete, thus allowing your console to be visible and most likely banned,

    Only Way I can Tell you of a Type of Jtaging with less risk is called HOTSwapping xbox360

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