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Stolen xbox 360? possible to get back?


My brother’s friends house just got robbed, and my brother’s xbox was one of the things stolen.if he calls the cops is there a possibility he can get it back?

or if he has insurance on it can he get a new one? I am the one who bought him this and I am really upset as it was a lot of money, and he cares so much for it.

thanks in advance!

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  1. Aww gosh man! Must suck to be you. No offense. I care a lot about my stuff too.

    Hopefully that xbox brakes as soon as those dirty thieves play on it. Loosers they are!

    -Ask the police.

    -Dunno but I think the warranty on 360 should cover it.

    -Try to communicate with the thieves via xbox live. Message them. You know. If you can ask one of your friends that are friends with your account in XBOX live.

    -Try to plead to them. Make them feel guilty of what they have done. If you’re succesfull into making e’m talk or reply. Say horrible exxagirated truths like. “My brother was traumatised” or “My mum had a stroke when she found the house broken into”. Or easy ones like “This was my brothers present in christmas, It made him cry. I worked hours with minimum wage to get this xbox just for my brother”

    -Try not to intimidate them.

    -Call microsoft about the situation.


    – What should I do next?

    – Is it possible to track it when it goes online?

    – ETC.

    Sorry man. Its all I hav in my head.

  2. well you should have called the cops as soon as they robbed the house but if you have warrenty on the xbox then yea they will get you a new one

  3. Does he know the serial number? He needs to tell the cops the SN, just in case they pawn it. Then, if it is under warranty xbox may replace it. Key word is may.

  4. You can call Microsoft (1-877-696-7786) and tell them. If the warranty is still good and not expired, then they probably will fix it.

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