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Smackdown Vs. Raw XBOX 360?


Hi. I want to get a buddy of mine a smackdown vs. raw game that has Stone Cold Steve Austin in it as a playable character. What i need to know is what game(s) has him in it (for Xbox 360) and will it cost anything to get him like a dlc or is he just an unlockable from playing the game? Thanks for your time.
I’ll try to make this a bit more clear. I need to know what games have Stone Cold Steve Austin in it and the 2012 version is completely out of the question.

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  1. we have a xbox 360 and smackdown vs raw 2010 and you have to unlock him. in smackdown vs raw 2003 you dont have to unlock him hes already playable. good luck!

  2. well you can get Smackdown VS Raw 2010 but if you want my opinion the best one to get is WWE 12 which just released. 10 times better than 2010 and it does have Stone Cold plus plenty of other superstars from classic and current with new features like create an arena,etc. Stone Cold will be a normal character in WWE 12 you just have to unlock him.

  3. to unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin:

    In Christian’s RTWM, win the WrestleMania Challenge against Stone Cold after completing all previous Challenge matches.

    p s: it’s only in WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2011

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