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Should i keep my ps3? or sell on craigslist?


I dunno. I just feel like there is something better i can be doing then playing video games. (reading, learning guitar, working out) But Call of Duty 4 and Rainbow Six Vegas can be addicting. And besides that all the other games bore me! Should I just sell before there is a possible price drop?

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  1. Price is dropping to 299.99 soon.

    But if you want my honest opinion, then sell all your games excecpt the games you like and just play those when your bored.

  2. i doubt there will be a price drop on the ps3 anytime soon yeah i do also say that there isnt that great of ps3 games out there the only thing i dont like about the ps3 are the people who work for the company they dont know anything and are not help what soever

  3. sell it on ebay to get the most out of an auction. I just sold an arcade stick over craiglist, and wished i’d done it on ebay, i might have gotten more.

  4. I would keep it. Who knows what is in store for the ps3. Some game might come out (cod6. Modern Warfare 2 11.10.09)

  5. i think you should sell it because you can earn money by just selling it and you can buy anything. p.s how much would you sell it for i will buy it if it is cheap.

  6. just keep it.you might regret it later and end up having to pay money again.possibly more than what u sold it for, unlikely but ya never know. and besides, you can always make time for the ps3 at some point. read, play guitar , work out and play ps3 after you finish whatever you are doing at the time. just dont revolve your life around the ps3 and you’ll be fine.

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