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should i just delete this ps3 data?


So i let one download (mafia 2) on while i left from my house. Well now im back home, and my ps3 was shut down. And when i started the system again, it asked for the “file restoring”, like always after blackout. And i found the mafia 2 installer file, it was normal. And i even installed it and the game works too. But there was also corrupted file data. I’m pretty sure, and I HOPE it doesn’t have anything to do with my hard drive corruption. My games works and i dont exactly have any problems. But i don’t have any idea what that corrupted file has in it.

In my theory. If the system shuted down just in that time, while the game was on automatic install. It only corrupted that un finnished installation, but it still let the original installation “launcher” on the menu. And thats why i could intall it again with out problems. But it only let the corrupted installation hanging on the menu. And if so, i can now just delete it and it never even harmed my system or the actual game. also i tried to that hidden menu, where i can do the file restoring. But the corrupted file is still there. So what do you think?

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  1. Srry I forget my bit memory that I bit remember last 4 year ago was my old ps3 60gb fat 1 or 2 time won’t happen again. Maybe saying save icon don’t turn off u will lose hdd lost ur game saved but Or u were plug on ur ps3 damage will lost save game!. If u have fat ps3.

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