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Should I get a PS4 or Samsung Galaxy S3?


I like high quality gaming and portable devices but I cant decide what to purchase in december.

I already have an Galaxy S Advance,a PS3 and a laptop (used just for casual gaming and movies).

Money are not easely earned in my post-comunist country soo I need a good advice regarding the right way in wich I should invest my money.

Any sugestion?

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  1. Get the Phone.

    Would you rather buy a game console like the XBOX?

    Sony has implemented the “Paying for Online” scheme as well, which will only be effected by the PS4 by my understanding, where the PS3 will remain free.

  2. If you are looking for a gaming device then PS4 is better and superior device. S3 is good smartphone but it can not handle hardcore games. You can play games, watch movies and have fun time with friends in online gaming.

    Here you can find the latest details of PS4, latest features, etc.:

    [url is not allowed]

    However if you want to get a cell phone then you you should go for S3. If I would have to decide among these two then I would decide PS4 because sooner or later PS3 will get outdated so will S3 when they will lauch a new model cell phone but PS4 will remain updated for years to come because this is the future of gaming and I would surely prefer an updated device.

  3. Get the ps4 because that phone is already outdated plus there will be a galaxy s5 next year. The ps4 will last you about 5-6 years.

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