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Should I get a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360? Which type of the system?


I own a PS2, I play it from 1-7 hours a day. Generally at least 2. I have only owned Playstation, Playstation 2, NES, SNES. My favorite system, so far, is PS2. I am not biased though! I will buy whatever system I am told to buy the most.
I own a PS2, I play it from 1-7 hours a day. Generally at least 2. I have only owned Playstation, Playstation 2, NES, SNES. My favorite system, so far, is PS2. I am not biased though! I will buy whatever system I am told to buy the most. I mostly play any sports game. I also like some shooters (GTA).

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  1. Well lets see.

    Xbox gets the most sales because of Halo. When halo dies down, more people will realize that they only payed $400 for halo.but that’s just me. I’ll have to give Xbox the credit for their games. Now although you may want to use Xbox Live, it still costs you money which you might not want to waste. So, the PS3 is better with their online community (there maybe a little more features for X360 Live, but wait until PS3 gets more updates.). The graphics are pretty much the same on both systems, and the Xbox may have a little better sound. Playstation 3 has a built in Blu-Ray player, and Xbox will get HD DVD (although you will have to pay for it because it is an external player).

    The bottomline is if you want a system that does everything, then get a PS3. If you want a system for gaming, then get the Xbox.

  2. If you want your $700 investment to fail, and then wait for a month to get it back then by all means go with Xbox, but if you want a reliable console, thats is just as good if not better than Xbox in every way except amount of games, and online.then PS3

  3. My boyfriend currently has a PS2. After Christmas though, he’s going to sell it to buy a X-Box 360. He doesn’t seem interested in the PS3 at all. He knows more about than me, but by going on his reaction, I’d say get a X-Box 360!

  4. PS3.

    Because everyone bought a 360 above me and is in denial now that they blew their $$$ on it.

    Playstation is going to destroy 360 just like it destroyed SNES, N64, Gamecube, Sega CD, Sega Dreamcast, and Xbox. Give it time.

    You pay for what you get. 360 is nice but the only way to really appreciate PS3 is to own one. There is no comparison.

  5. you are better off getting a ps3 because.

    – ps3 has a built-in blu-ray player

    -ps3 supports 1.3 HDMI which has rich colors and xbox supports 1.2 HDMI

    – ps3 has much more and better exclusives, most of them cant go to xbox 360 because it cant handle that many data(DVD- 8.5gb, blu-ray 50gb)

    – because of the blu-ray’s huge space, ps3 will have WAY better graphics than 360

    – online is free for ps3 not like 360

    – ps3 will have over 300 games released by this spring

    – you can browse the internet on ps3, no such thing for xbox 360

    – when developers get used to the system, the graphics will be WAY better than 360. should take them a year to get used to it

    – playstation home is coming out this spring, its a virtual community where you can hang out with friends and customize your own apartment which xbox doesnt have(FREE)

    – ps3 is a true HD console. xbox 360 upscale games to 1080p and ps3 DISPLAY games up to 1080p

    – built in Wi-Fi

    – xbox 360: 33% hardware failure

    ps3:.2% hardware failure(see the decimal? less than 1%!)

    – ps3 has better back-comp except the 40gb

    – rumble returns in spring 2008

    – you can upgrade your harddrive without voiding warranties with any 2.5 HDD, which xbox cant because you have to buy a xbox HDD

    (they actually have the step by step on how to upgrade it on playstation.com)

    those are the ones that i know right off my mind but there are much more reason than this

    Prices as of today:

    ps3- 80gb: $499 with motorstorm

    40gb: $399 with spiderman 3 blu-ray

    xbox 360(premium)- $399

    (elite)- $479

    if you want the accessories that ps3 comes with, that would add up to over 700 dollars, so that means ps3 is actually cheaper

    since you said you play up to 7 hours then you definetly want the ps3. xbox 360 are not made to run not even 3 hours

    also developers said that they are going to start using the ps3 as their lead platform meaning that they will make the games on ps3 then port it over to 360 so that means ps3 games will have better graphics.

  6. First of all we have PS, PS2, PS3, X-box, X-box 360, Wii, gamecube, and every handheld game system that has come out, thanks to my kids crazy uncle who spoils them to death. So I think this advice might help you out.

    Majority says x-box 360, although i have every system that has come out in the past 5 years, and I am not that impressed. Yes they have alot of games versus ps3, but the truth is out of all the systems I have own, nothing beats the old x-box. I have a high def plasma tv 47 inch screen, so the tv is not the issue, although if you do not have that (don’t even bother getting the system, it is definately made for that type of t.v. The graphics are really not much different from the origional x-box games.especially after all the hype that led up to its sale. They also claim that the 360 will play most old x-box games.i have the premium and IT DOESN’T.only a couple work. Ps3 is o.k., not to many games and overpriced in my opinion.it just seems that the new systems are so overrated and people buy them just to be like everyone else to have the latest gaming system, I thankfully do not purchase all these systems, they are given as gifts from my rich brother for my children. I think their favorite systems are the x-box and wii (for its interactive playing). As far as the games go, x-box 360 definately has ps3 beat. Problem being.the game prices are up there, and in a short amount of time, there will be another NEW system taking its place. As for all gaming systems.BUY THE INSURANCE.as they WILL stop working (or have problems within a year). Hope this was of some help and ask a variety of people for their opinions. Ultimately, you will have to decide which system will benefit you more. Good Luck

  7. I’m stoked on the Wii and it’s interactiveness. However, I love the hardcore games for xbox and playstation.

    The xbox is cheaper and I would wait until after xmas to buy either one. They price will drop.

  8. Get the 360.

    It has the best shooters around, and the EA sports games run at 60 frames per second on the xbox and only 30fps on the PS3. So for the type of games you like the 360 is best.

  9. I would say to go with the PS3. Its true that the PS3 has a very limited amount of games out for it but just think about this in the long run. The PS3 has features that supposedly will keep it one of the top competitors in gaming for the next 10 years. Microsoft has said that they will be releasing a new system every 3-5 years. Why buya system if it will be out of date only a couple of years after its released. Dont forget, the final fantasy series will be only released for the PS3, also Wii. Look at the reputation he PS2 has gotten, and yet it is still getting better. Do you honestly think Sony will let that huge reputation go to waist, NO WAY! So if your looking towards buying a system that will be exellent for a looooong time, choose PS3. The next system the microsoft releases is said to still not be able to beat the PS3. PS3 is the way to go. As for the backwards compatibility problem, they are making updates that will cure any problems with that. All the people who I know that bought an xbox 360 said they did so just for the Halo 3 game. They say that the 360 is top seller because they have a total of 14 millions systems shipped. I can tell you that most of those systems are replacing defective ones. Read up on the “Red Ring of Death” for the 360. PS3 is pretty solid, its almost immune to any problems.

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