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rock band microphone(xbox 360) connecting to the computer/pc?


ok so i have rock band for xbox 360 and was wonder, cuz i have guitar hero and was about to download a driver for the guitar to plug in the computer. But since i have the microphone i was wondering how to connect it to the computer so i can use it as a computer microphone? also i notice that the instruments ( or at least the mic) is made by logictech and went and found the simular mic for xbox 360 on the logictech website, so after all this i still couldnt find a way to connect or download the driver for the computer. So if you can pleassse help i want to work on a project but i need the mic to work on the computer for it to work so thankz.

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  1. yes it should be able to if its made by logitech.but if its not you can always buy one.but most likely.the mic will work.for sure

  2. i just plugged my rock band mic in about 2 minutes ago, i got vista and it installed the drivers in less than 30 seconds, im pretty sure xp will do the same thing.

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