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questions about the xbox 360.?


whats the difference between a gold subscription and a silver? will silver allow me to play online? i plan on getting halo 3 and CoD modern warfare 2, and on halo 3 i just want to be able to use forge and play online. will silver support that? also on CoD, i want to play online, and make my own custom classes, and mostly everything online – will silver support that? also i heard that the regular xbox 360 ( not elite ) will not come with the cables that link the console to the tv. is that true? lastly, i just want 2-3 games ( halo 3, reach, and CoD modern warfare 2 ), so i want to buy an xbox 360 with only 256mb. do you guys think this is sufficient memory? oh right, and if the console’s hard drive runs out of memory, i can always buy a memory card to save onto there right? thanks guys, sorry about all the questions, im really new to this.

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  1. There is big diffrence between gold and silver membership.well sorta. with gold membership you can play online and download some gold membership exclusives and other things. but with silver membership you cannot play online only download some game demos and not join xbox live parties. so with silver u will not be able to play CoD online and make classess or halo u will need a gold membership

  2. Gold lets u play online Silver lets u stay online only to comunicate with the people on ur friends list or browse the Xbox store u cant play online with silver

  3. gold you can play online and do parties, silver you can’t but you can private chat. My regular xbox came with the cables. You will be able to play with 256mb but you probably can’t save, must xbox’s come with a hardrive.

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