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question regarding playing copied playstation games.?


Ok, a while back I made some backup copies of my playstation games by extracting the ISOs onto my computer and extracting the files from them and burning them onto CD-Roms (I don’t have a CD copying program). So I pop them into my playstation and boot it up, and I get a screen that tells me to put a playstation disc in. My Gran Turismo 2 Arcade disc just went out, so I really need to know how to boot these discs.

P.S. :I’m not doing anything Illegal am I? I mean, I DID legally purchase the games after all.

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  1. 1.-Legal is a what each country makes of it.

    2.-Its only legally illegal if the proper authorities find out.

    3.-In order to play your Playstation copies you need a “mod chip”

    4.-You can either buy one and install it yourself or you can find an electronics expert to do it for you, in order to do it yourself you need some digital electronics background

    5.-The difference between original and copied discs is a certain security string (of data) that only original disks have and that normal cd and dvd burners can’t burn. A mod chip jumps that security string.

    6.- You can play your isos or burned cd’s on your computer if you are desperate, via playstation “emulator” wich can be purchased or if you’re and internet “expert” you can download one. 😀 guahahahaha

  2. its still illegal, as your rippin protected content, just like recordin a movie, and you need a modded system in order to play the games, which is also illegal and a void of the systems warranty

  3. Depends on who you ask. People who make copies of their games would consider it legal because technically, you do own the property, and you can do whatever you want with it, but developers and the law says what you did is illegal. The law says that it’s illegal to make a copy, and since you did make a copy, it would be considered illegal. Notice how nowhere does it say that it’s legal to make a copy if you already own it. If it’s legal to copy games that you own, then why do developers go to all that trouble to try to make games as hard as possible to make copies of them?

    The problem is that once you learn how to copy a game, what’s to prevent you from copying rented games or your friends’ games. Or what’s to prevent you from selling those copied games and making a profit?

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