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question about xbox 360 slim and games?


hello, i am gonna buy a new xbox 360 slim soon and i was wondering if i install a game on the hardrive do i still need the disk to play it afterwards? So for example i borrow Skyrim from a friend, i install it on my hard drive and then return it, after can i play Skyrim without the disk if its full installed in the harddrive?

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  1. no, because you would still need the disk to execute the game. so without the disk, you’ve just got a game installed that can’t be used. so it would just be like having a save from that game, but not having the disk to play it. the only way you can play a game on the xbox 360 without the disk, is if you purchase it from xbox live.

  2. no,installing the game adds the basics to the console like movies and stuff, but some of the stuff is retained on the disc and does not install to the xbox, so you would still need the disc, installing the game just makes things move eisier on the disc and the console, the wifi can be used to access videos, fb or twitter, and various other things,you can add your own music or movies or pictures to the xbox and you can even play the music in game, you can also download games/music/movies from the marketplace onto the hard drive, so it does quite a bit really.a hard drive is also neccesery for the saving of updates and avatars and stuff so its essential equipment.

  3. no you have to have the game in there installing games are for if it gets scrathced and fresses you install it and then it works

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