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Question about Warrenty Stickers on the Xbox 360?


Alright, i’ve already called customer support and talked to a cool guy but i want to be sure. My 360 has the red rings of death right now and i want to use my warranty to get a new one. But that little sticker on it that says microsoft on it right behind the faceplate turns out to be the warranty sticker and if that’s broken it voids my warranty. I’ve never opened the Xbox but the sticker is broken like the remnants of it are still there so you can tell that i have it. i told the guy at customer support that i’ve never opened it and he said as long as i havn’t i can still get a new one. What do you guys know about this situation?

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  1. You should still have a shot on sending it, if some how they won’t accept it because they feel that you “opened” the system.

    I suggest looking into a replacement sticker. Here is an link to the replacement sticker.

    [url is not allowed].

  2. It’s not that hard actually. It’s pretty simple. Just send it back, maybe even leave a printed note explaining the situation, so they don’t take a look at it, and just send it back to you. That is what I would do. But also what I would do, is also inform them if you bought it used or not.

  3. I just sent my 360 in about a month ago.

    If I remember correctly the model that had the problem that I sent in had no sticker at all (I may be wrong and this has puzzled me for sometime now)

    I’d get the box from them and ship it out, but be prepared for long waits, not good customer service and more waits.

    I lucked out and they sent me a new one because the old one had the RROD and was beyond repair.

    Good luck!

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