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question about buying an xbox 360?


ok so if i buy the arcade the version it doesnt come with a ahrd drive right? is this relly neccessary will i need to get one if i want xbox live? please help with as muich info as possiblewhy or why not should i get a hard drive?

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  1. get the premium 60gb cause the arcades terrible.but if you have a little extra cash get the xbox elite which has 120G hard drive.I have the elite and it’s amazing.and its black so its more gangsterlishous

  2. Naw, the arcade doesn’t come with a Hard-Drive.

    I recommend you don’t and buy a 60GB premium 360 instead, i started off with the Arcade and ended up buying hard-drive for it – which ended up being more expensive –

    Although if your not keen on buying/downloading Extra game content, Trailers, Downloads, Games etc. Then you don’t need a hard-drive and therefore should get an Arcade

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