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Ps3 slim vs Ps3 fat which is better?



  1. i heard that the new PS3 isnt even called the PS3 Slim> its just a new version of the PS3. I would go with the old PS3. you can get the 160GB version(which I have) for 100 dollars cheaper now. The new PS3 is also SOOOOOO UGLY and looks so cheap. OLD PS3 ALL THE WAY!!

  2. slim is better. u must know the pros and cons. the ps3 slim also will be focus more then the fat ps3 by sony. just look at the psp. the newer got more benefit through firmware, accessories and more!

  3. ps3 slim is lighter, bigger hard drive and uses more power

    but on fat ps3 u can put in your memory cards from your phone etc

    i would choose the slim

  4. Heard the slim is louder than the PS3 with that rumbling noise. But the slim is slimmer so its up to you.

  5. Both PS3 models have the exact functions except for the following:

    PS3 Slim – Less power consuming (up to 50% less), has a 120GB hard drive included, a plastic cover, and the function to install another OS has been removed, compact design.

    PS3 phat – More power consuming, up to 160GB hard drive included, glossy piano black finish, ability to install another OS, way heavier.

    I personally will chose the PS3 slim since it’s less power hungry, but if you prefer style and being able to install another OS, pick the PS3 phat.

  6. PS3 Slim owns, but it might have some cons. PS3 Fat is just classic, but it’s also big and heavy.

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