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ps3 questions about ps2 games?


I just recently got a 120 GB slim playstation 3 and I downloaded the ps2 program so I could play ps2 games on it. I haven’t tried any ps2 games on it, I would like to know if ps2 games will work so I don’t waste any money?

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  1. They should definetly work. If they dont work, you can usually return the game for your full money in a 14 day limit. I tried playing aPS1game on a friends PS3 and it worked, and the PS2 one should do exactly the same thing. I hope i helped!

    Good Luck!

  2. You wasted your money. The slim doesn’t play PS2 games at all. Only the old 20, 60 and 80 gb models did. There’s no way to make them play PS2 games.

  3. [url is not allowed].

    search is your friend. learn to use it!

    120GB/slim (2 USB slots) – NO

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    the download that others are referring to is for the PS3s that already are backwards compatible. downloading it to a non-backwards compatible PS3 will do NOTHING but take up space on your hard drive! it will NOT make your PS3 play PS2 games!

    “If a PLAYSTATION 3 is not backward compatible, you will not be able to add this function through any hardware (i.e., changing the hard disk drive) or software (i.e., updates, homebrew) upgrades or modifications. ”

    that came DIRECTLY from Sony’s own website: [url is not allowed].

  4. Slim is not backward compatible with PS2(but it does play PS1 games). Only the first two generations of PS3 are backward compatible even the very last generation of the fat PS3 did not play PS2 games. Since the PS2 has a different CPU (Emotion Engine) Sony took this feature off to lower the price of the PS3. The second generation of PS3 found a way to emulate the PS2 on the PS3 with much problems, many PS2 games were not able to be played at all and the ones that did had some problems with the processing and graphics.

    Many people complained about the PS3 costing so much to begin with and this was a way for Sony to cut back on the price. Generally speaking people do not buy a PS3 to play PS2 games so the number one objective is to make the system affordable for people to play PS3 games. And since PS2 games are finally being phased out of production from a business stand point they might as well drop the backwards compatibly ironically enough when they were able to make the PS3(slim) under $300 is when their sales sky-rocked.

    I highly doubt you got a legit software emulation unless someone from Sony dropped the ball and leaked it out, so that would explain why it doesnt work

    The most cost effective thing to do right now is to just buy a PS2 to play PS2 games they’re like $50

  5. The slim ps3 does not play ps2 games. That program is to for 20gb, 60gb and original 80gb ps3 systems and they have left it on there for those models it does nothing for newer ps3 systems and there is no way to make them play ps2 games.

  6. The only thing that “program” you downloaded does is emulate the PS2 hard drive so the very few PS2 games that required it can play on backward compatible PS3s. There is no program, software, download, or emulaor that gives you PS2 disc playback on a PS3 that doesn’t play them already. Japan residents and the Japan PS3s were the only ones to ever get such an option remotely close to that and even that was discontinued a very long time ago.

    There was a confidential document leaked by Sega in late September that went into detail on how Sega and Sony would work together to put PS2 titles and classis Sega Dreamcast titles on the PSN in the future (along with creating an emulator to run these games). I think Phade posted a link to a UK article a day or so ago that brought that topic up again. When you also consider the fact that God of War titles are getting remastered as PS3 games, it is very, very unlikely that you will ever be able to play your disc PS2 games on PS3s of the last two generations.

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