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Ps3 or Xbox 360?Quick Answers And Reasons?


My birthday is coming out soon.In my country they sell a flashed xbox 360 and there cds cost 2$ but i cant play online but ilike playing online cuz ilike fifa 13.So if i get xbox i can play my favorite games and ps3 online

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  1. Its personal preference. I never liked playstation (mainyl for controller) But it had classic games like ratchet and clank and spyro. But xbox has halo and stuff. I have an xbox myself and love it WAY more than ps3. HOWEVER. If you want to play online and will not pay, definately get ps3. My biggets regret was even though I hate ps3, it has free online and I never paid for xbox live. forever alone. If you only want solo player then xbox all thw way.

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