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PS3 internet problems?


ok i have 5mb internet. I get fast internet and downloads with my computer both wireless and ethernet cable. My PS3 is connectedd through an ethernet cable so speeds should be great. But no my connection really lags on my PS3. its so slow things jump and cant get into games sometimes with it sometimes signing out. Im on NAT type 2 so that isnt a problem either. Any help?

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  1. there are things to try

    turn the computer off , turn off media sharing , open all of the recommended ports thru your firewall ( there’s a list on the playstation website under support ) and try another cable to be sure it’s not damaged

    try resetting the router too , and try a wireless connection

    I used to get disconnected with a wired connection , but have used wireless for 2 months without a single disconnect

  2. sorry i didn’t know how to contact youa ny other way. but how do i clean my harddrive? like actually literalally clean it out. or like get a new one? how do i get a new one?

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