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PS3 Games with PS2 Controller?



I just got a ps3 the other day, and I got one controller with it, I just brought a PS2 to USB adapter for the PS3 so i can use my old ps2 controller.

I’m just wondering what games i can get for the PS3 that will work with the PS2 controller, two player games preferably.

Many Thanks

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  1. No you can’t. And don’t listen to the guy who said you should wait for the PS4. He’s just ignorant and doesn’t realize that it’s not coming out until at least 2 years from now

  2. didnt know you could do that. sixaxis is overrated i never use it. its a flashy thing when playing warhawk but its take too much time to master learning another means of control

  3. Yes, I have that adaptor as well, it works fine. People don’t know that even Logitech USB controllers work on PS3. If a game has motion control (warhawk, motorstorm etc) you will not be able to Utilize the sixaxis motion features, but everything else works fine. I’ve tried it with all the CoDs, gran turismo, GTA, little big planet, mgs4, gow3.

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