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PS3 failure how do i get in touch with someone to reslove this?


my PS3 just broke (red light of death) and sony keeps giving me the run around. is there anyone out there who knows how to get ahold of the top sony people? or any info on replacing my Play Station 3

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  1. the top Sony people don’t talk to users who need repairs – the customer service department does – do you expect a Sony executive to actually talk to you? the best you’ll get is to ask to speak to a level 2 supervisor which they have to do

    call the 800 number or e-mail them – it’s not like you have options other than paying for out of warranty repairs or trying to fix it yourself

    if you have a warranty they’ll fix it free – if not you pay a set fee no matter what’s wrong – sometimes you’ll overpay , other times you’re getting a deal

    consider that it’s a computer system – to even have a technician diagnose a computer problem anywhere you pay a mininum $100 before they even start the job not including parts and ps3 parts are both expensive and ps3 specific so they aren’t available to the average person except as used parts

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