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ps3 external hard drives and copying cds?


we just purchased an external hard drive for our ps3 and i want to download all my cds on to it, but the only i have been able to do this is to save them on the ps3 then copy them to the external hard drive and then delete the file on the ps3 ( this seems like defeating the purpose of the external hard drive). All my cds are copied onto my desk top computer, but i did not transfer them to the external hard drive, only the downloaded songs, as i thought it would just be easier through the ps3 (retrieving info on them and auto fill in for the names, etc.) Can any one tell me an easier way, am I missing something? The extternal hard drive is working just fine and the ps3 is recognizing it just fine. Am i just going to have to transfer the cd files from the computer to the hard drive anyway? Thanks for any help.

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  1. what are you talking about? I don’t understand your problem. put your songs on your HD and freakin plug it in and transfer it to your ps3.

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