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ps3 controller not connecting?


ok here is the problem my controller wont connect at all plugged in wont turn on the ps3 unplugged doesnt either have tried resetting havent tried restarting the ps3 cause i thought i had it fixed my nephew let me use his controller i took the interface out of his (aka the chip and stuff) but i found out his controllers sticks are broken (the spinning things u use to walk and look around) but it wasnt the stick it was the thing you put the stick on so everytime u pressed up it stuck up so i want to find out why my controller wont wirelessly connect or turn on ps3 while connected i exchanged batteries that didnt work so what else could?

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  1. On the back of the controller is the Reset button. Use a paperclip, pin, or something to push that and see if that helps.

  2. He probably broke it due to raging.lol. The problem you have was the same one I had. You need to plug the controller into a device with a USB, other than the PS3 and let it charge. Takes about 10-20 minutes. It should be fixed after

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