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Ps3 40GB or Ps3 60GB?


I can get the 40GB but i reside in Australia and would need to use Ebay to buy the 60GB, so should i just buy the 40GB and keep my ps2 so i can play my ps2 games or just buy the ps3 60GB

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  1. Hi! First off, they say that the 60 and 80 will not play ps1 or 2 games, but you can download a free update that allows any PS game to work on your system. You will however still need to download your PS 2 start up disc when playing PS 2 games online for some reason lol. Also, hold off on buying a PS 3 for now, as their prices will drop drastically as the result of the soon to be released PS 3 120 and PS 3 160GB consoles. The 40 , 60, and 80 GB systems may not be enough for the PLAYSTATION HOME program that is about to make it’s debut possibly by the end of this month. The more memory you have the better- especially if you obtain a lot of online games that you must have lol. I own the 80GB version and I’m hoping that it is enough, or that it is possible for me to just buy a bigger hard drive. But you must know that the 60GB has more features- way more than the 20 and 40GB units. Just hold off before buying anything yet. Wait for the price drop first because it is possible that the 120 Gb unit may be going for what you are about to pay for that 40GB unit. If you buy the 40 or 60, you may be depraving yourself of the PS 3’s full potential. Make sure you have an appropriate tv set too, anything that is at least a 1080i, but now you can buy a 1080p TV set for about the same price- THAT will be the ideal set up!!

  2. Don’t forget, that you won’t be able to play Australian PS2 games (PAL region) on US console. You won’t have a warranty on US console in another country. The idea to keep PS3 for PS3 games (PS3 games are region free) and PS2 isn’t bad.

  3. I think you should get the 60GB PS3.

    Even though you could use your old PS2 to play PS2 games if you get the 40GB PS3, it is WAY more convient to play all of your Playstation games on just one console and that’s why I think it would be the best option to get the 60GB.

    However, if you don’t really have a problem with using your PS2 to play your PS2 games if you get the 40GB PS3, go with the 40GB.

  4. 40 GB offcourse dude.

    offcourse if ull buy it from ur place ull get a warranty from the store. and yeah you can also test it. and when somethings wrong with it. you dont have to send it back.

    40GB is the same excpet for extra usb slots. space. and play ps2 games.

    since u dont need all those get the 40GB and save money.

    btw u can upgrade ur hardrive later (easily)

  5. Uh, this dude is from Australia. The PAL 60gb model is the SAME as the 80gb US PS3 model. They just put in a smaller drive. So it’s ~85% PS2 compatibility.

    I’d opt for the 40gb in your case, so all of your games and peripherals will work on your PS2 flawlessly. Then you can upgrade the harddrive if you wish.

    All PS3s play PS1 games, and all except the US 20gb model have wifi.

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